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We provide your company with the latest technology, integrating the most advanced solutions from our partners, across the globe…

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Hybrid-Cloud Solutions

Recording solutions for: Microsoft Teams, Cell Phones, PBX Systems, Mobile Turrets and more..

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Our solutions do not require Capex Investments and have minimal footprint at your Data Centers, these are pure Hybrid Cloud Systems with no dependency on the Internet

Without Doubt

Robust Solutions

Design with the user in mind to enjoy ease of use. Feeling at home with the backend, focusing on what’s important: Your Business.

Cutting-Edge Compliance & Trading Solutions

Technology design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of Compliance & Trading Systems

Flexibility & Customization

Our products simply provide the quality of being clear and easy to understand adapting to our every Client particular needs…

Latest Technology Always Available

Our HAAS and SAAS Platforms allow our Clients to always have the latest technology at their disposal, no CAPEX as a stopper for technological innovation…

High Perfomance

We are highly focused on your goals and that achieve superior performance results.

Smart Recording Users
Connected Financial Institutions
Countries On-Network
Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud Cores

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